Monday, September 2, 2013

Liebster Award

Y'all know I love me a liebster award so I was happy when Lily from Beauty With Lily nominated me for one. Yayy! So if you're not familiar with a liebster award, it is an award that bloggers give other bloggers, with less than 200 followers, that they believe deserve recognition. I absolutely love these because I think it's important to support each other as we embark on this blogging journey together

Here's the rules ladies and gents...
1. Link back to the blogger that tagged you.
2. Answer 11 questions from your nominator.
3. Nominate 11 other blogs and ask them 11 Questions - NO tag backs!
4. Visit their blog and let them know.

My Questions from Lily:

1.) What blog do you follow religiously?
Kandee Johnson, of course :)

2.) What is your DREAM job? 
My dream is to own a beauty salon within the next 10 years. It will happen, I'm determined.

3.) Your go to makeup look?
My favorite look for everyday is a classic/ natural look. I don't like to pile on the makeup unless we are going out.

4.) What is one beauty/fashion trend you don't like?
I've talked about this before..I hate the platform sneakers that are coming back. They make me cringe when I see them lol.

5.) Describe yourself in 3 words...
honest, determined, stubborn

6.) What is your signature scent?
Burberry Classic 

7.) What are 2 beauty products you CAN NOT live without?
Foundation because my skin is awful and mascara for my baby lashes

8.)What advice would you give new bloggers?
Don't compare yourself with other bloggers. It can be really intimidating when you first get started and it is easy to compare yourself to other bloggers. Just stay true to yourself and don't conform to what everyone else is doing because you will start to hate blogging. This happened to me for a bit when I first started and it was awful. I finally found my groove and I would much rather have less followers and love what I am doing, rather than a bunch of followers and hate blogging.

9.) If you could have a celebrity spouse for a week, who would it be?
Charlie Hunnam....oh man, enough said. 

10.) Describe your blog in 3 words...
beauty, a constant work in progress, mine

11.) Why do you blog? 
I have really bad anxiety and there are times when I can go a week without leaving my house. Blogging is an outlet for me. I'm able to connect and talk with other people who had similar interests without all of the pressure. Around my family and friends I am loud, fun, always joking, and very outgoing so it's weird for me to have anxiety out in public. I am slowly getting better by forcing myself into situations I would be uncomfortable in and blogging has been a tool that has helped me. I am not as afraid to meet and talk to new people now :) 

Who I'm Tagging:
Emma from Emmaloujohansson
Elizabeth from Elizabeth: Beauty and Beyond
A Pinup Princess
Samantha from Life Style Love
Kathleen from Makeup & Beauty
Abbie from The Perks of Being Abbie
Krystal Alice from Pressing Pause
Julie & Ashley from 20/30 Glam
These are the blogs that I am nominating. I know it is not 11 but I have done quite a few of these already and nominated so many bloggers.

My Questions For the Nominees:
-What's your favorite part of fall?
-If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
-What is your go to beauty brand?
-What's on the top of your wishlist?
-What's your favorite memory from this summer?
-Favorite t.v show?
-What gets you going in the morning? Coffee, Music, Exercise?
-What do you hope to be doing in the next 10 years?
-Favorite food?
-If you could only have one for the rest of your night, would you choose mascara or foundation?
-Are you excited for football season or dreading it?

Whew! That took awhile LOL. Make sure to check out Lily and my Liebster nominations. They really do have fabulous blogs and I think you will enjoy them :)

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  1. Girl, I don't like those sneakers either, I thought I might be the only one! :) Love your advice, very helpful.

    Did you hear the news, Charlie got casted for 50 Shades of Grey? Not sure if you've read the books, but I'm excited!!!

    I will have to check out those blogs! Thanks for doing this! :)

    1. Those shoes are hideous! I had a pair of the sketchers ones when I was like 11 and I still think that was one of my worst fashion choices lol. I don't know why they are making a come back. YES I did hear about him being in 50 shades of grey. I never read the books but since his sexy self is going to be in it I will be watching the movie. Thank you so much again for nominating me :)

  2. I would describe myself with those words too haha:) I love Burberry clasic too! And I love Charlie too:)xo
    Follow me and I’ll follow back. Let me know when you’re done Also, I'd really like it if you were a part of the themed monthly look book on my blog Teeniolect HERE
    Teeniolect on Bloglovin’

    1. Hi Salihah! I am now following you :) I love your look book idea and will def be participating! Hope you can follow back!



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