Saturday, August 17, 2013

Top 10 Beauty Buy Tag

First I want to start off by giving a shout out to the awesome chicks Julie and Ashley at 20/30 GLAM. They are new beauty bloggers that I absolutely adore. I check their page daily and I love how down to earth they are. They have great posts about beauty products and they are growing a following pretty quickly. So def. check out their blog and show them some love. Obviously this tag is to share my top 10 beauty buys and I am going to do just that :)

Burberry Classic by Burberry
I am telling y'all this perfume smells amazing. It is my favorite perfume of all time and no matter how many other perfumes I buy, in my opinion, they never top Burberry Classic. I am excited for Taylor Swifts new perfume that just came out because it smells almost identical to Burberry Classic.

Chella Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace
I got this pencil in my June Ipsy bag and it was love at first sight. This is now a constant in my beauty routine. It has so many uses and I really have no idea how I lived without it. You can use it to highlight the brow bone, cupids bow, cheek bones, bridge of the nose, and the water line to help widen your eyes. 

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In 
Every October to support breast cancer awareness month they sell it's a 10 in a pink bottle and I love it. This product literally lasts me so long that when October rolls around and I buy a new bottle, I am still using my old one. I buy it every year not only because I love the pink packaging but I love that sales proceeds go to help save the ta-ta's. Most people just spray this directly into the hair but my hair stylist friend told me to spray a few squirts in my hand and then run my fingers through my hair for best result and she was right. It applies better and that is why it lasts so much longer for me. It makes my hair feel amazing and it smells good too!

Kendra Volume Hairspray
I also purchase my favorite hairspray in October as well because they support breast cancer awareness month. I love this hairspray because it smells so good and it holds my style without making my hair hard. It pumps up the volume in my hair and it a great finishing spray. When I cut my hair short this hairspray was a god send for me. When I cut my hair I did not think about what would happen to my hair in hot & humid weather. It was awful. The same stylist friend of mine who cut my hair and recommended it's a 10 also recommended Kendra hairspray to help my hair keep its style all day. I am forever indebted to her lol.

Avon Super Shock Mascara
I tried this mascara on a whim a few years ago and I fell in love. It gives me the most amazing volume and it makes me look like I am wearing falsies. It doesn't clump and the bottle is actually pretty big so you get a lot of product for around $8. I occasionally buy new mascara to try out and I always go right back to this one. It never fails me. 

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit in Medium
I purchased this almost 2 months ago and I really like it. My ELF Haul shows everything that I purchased and my thoughts on them if you would like to check it out (shameless plug lol). I used to use a pencil to fill in my eyebrows and I would spend forever buffing them out because I guess I am too rough when I use it lol but I have not had this problem since I started using this kit. My eyebrows look so natural and they stay in place all day long. No one likes a wandering eyebrow y'all!

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover
This stuff takes my makeup off effortlessly. It is so refreshing and I love that I don't have to scrub at my eyes to get results. The only thing I don't like about this is that it has a consistency of water and too much can come out and get wasted. It really does need a pump or something to make it more efficient. 

Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick
These lipsticks apply so beautifully and really have a great finish. They don't make your lips dry considering they are matte. They have a nice selection and the price is amazing!

Cover Girl 3 in 1 Foundation
I love all of the shades that Cover Girl has and this foundation is amazing. It blends so well and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It also has decent coverage without the 'cakey' look. 

Be a Bombshell Blush
I received this blush in my very first IPSY bag and I have been using this brand of blush ever since. It has a great pigmentation and it applies nicely. The brand has other products but I have not tried them yet. 

I went into a little more detail about the products but I always like to include my experience when I am talking about products I love. Instead of tagging certain bloggers, I am tagging you! Yea you, anyone that reads it. This method went over well with the last tag I did and I loved it when y'all sent me the links to check out your post. So make sure and let me know your link so I can check it out and see what your top 10 beauty buys are. Again, make sure to check out 20/30 GLAM!

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  1. We haven't tried a few of yours! Putting on our "Need to buy List".... LOL
    Thanks for doing the tag! We really appreciate it. And we love how detailed u got with it! :)


    1. LOL It seems like I have this never ending list of "Need to buy" items because I am constantly watching youtube and reading other bloggers favorite products. Steven is constantly saying the list is out of control and no one needs that much makeup but I can't help it, it's like an addiction lol

  2. I love the Burberry perfume X

  3. Julie and Ashley are so nice, loving their blog as well, they have answered all my questions and been so friendly, since I'm a newbie!

    I love the Be a Bombshell blushes, they are so pigmented! And I also love the eyebrow kit and the foundation! Great picks!

    1. Julie and Ashley are so sweet and I am so glad that we met on here. The blushes are super pigmented. I have been looking for some new warmer blushes for fall so if you have any recommendations let me know :)

  4. I was looking through my blush collection after reading your reply, and realized that I actually don't own any warmer tone blushes. I guess I just LOVE cooler tones, ha! If I find any good ones I will let you know. I do own MAC's Springsheen, it's not a cool tone blush, but not a totally warmer tone either, it's really pretty.

    1. I don;t own any warmer ones right now either. I have light and dark pinks and all the in-between pinks but no corals or the warmer colors. I have been buying so much makeup lately that I really think that Steven is going to have a heart attack lol.



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