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Kiss Speed Lightening Acrylic Nail Review {Updated}

In the last year we have been cutting back on "extra" expenses and one of my contributions was not going to the salon every 2 weeks to get my nails done. With that being said, I started looking for a cheaper alternative that I could do at home that didn't require me being Picasso {spelling?}. I watched tons of video reviews on youtube and the Kiss Speed Lightening Nails seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. 

*I tried to work fast and was only able to get pictures on my crappy camera phone, so I apologize in advance for awful pictures. *

The kit claims to give you salon strength acrylic in 1/2 the time. Some people said that they found it at Walgreens for $8.99 and others said $15 so I am not sure if it changes based on where you are located. I paid $15.99 for my kit and it included:
-Clear & White tipped glue on nails, buffer block, nail file, wooden cuticle pusher, acrylic dip powder, brush on gel, and gel activator

The instructions were simple and easy to follow which made the whole process so much better. I was a little apprehensive at first but after the first nail I got the hang of it and glided through the rest of them.

1) Prep the nails like you would noramlly. File nails and push back cuticals.

2) Choose whether you want white tips or clear ones. Then find the sizes that you will need and have them lined up and ready.

3) Brush the gel on the walls of the inside of the nail and apply it to your nail. You want to make sure that the edges and middle are applied with no air bubbles. Apply pressure for 30 seconds.

4) Trim the nail tips with nail clippers and file them down to your perferred length. Make sure that the nails on both hands are even.

5) Apply the brush on gel to the entire nail and then dip it into the acrylic powder and tap off the excess. After tapping off the excess I went ahead and blew the nail off and wiped it lightly to take the excess off.

6) After dipping the nails the first time you will want to brush them with the brush on gel and dip again, repeating step 5. Once this is done I applied a final gel brush on coat and sprayed the nails with 2 pumps of the gel activator. You want to make sure an wipe the brush off on a piece of paper towel before dipping back into the brush on gel to ensure that the acrylic powder does not get into the gel bottle.

7.) Leave them as they are or style them. I used Julep's 'Camille' from the Classic With a Twist collection on the tips and Julep's top coat for a nice clean finish. I also used cuticle oil to refresh my cuticles when I was finished.

I really liked that the gel was brush on like a nail polish. It made the application easy and smooth. I also liked that all I had to do was dip and spray. It took me about 45 minutes to an hour to do and it does look professional. I was really surprised at how easy this nail kit is. My nails look like I went to the salon and got a set of acrylics. Most of the reviews I read said that they lasted about 2 weeks so I will have to update in a few weeks and let y'all know. I also like that there are at least 2 applications in this kit so I am getting my moneys worth.

I promised that I would let y'all know how these nails lasted, tips, and my final thoughts....and your girl is gonna deliver. It has been about 2 weeks and I have used both sets of nails that come with the kit so that I could give an accurate opinion. The first set that I applied (above) lasted not quite a week but I believe it was entirely my fault. In my rush to get them finished I did get a little of the acrylic on my cuticle which lead to those few nails lifting a lot faster than normal. The nails that weren't touching the cuticle were strong and looked great. I got tons of compliments on them and people were surprised when I said I did them myself with the kit. I wish that I would have been a little more careful when I applied them because the white tips were my favorite.

Once the first set of nails went to hell in a hand basket because of the lifting I applied the clear tipped nails so I could do a solid color nail. Application was so much easier this time since I had previous experience and I was really careful not to get it on my cuticle this time. These lasted for about a week and a half and they probably would have lasted longer but I went bowling and snapped 4 nails in the process. I was going to leave the remaining nails on to see how much longer lasted but I went to apply for a few part time jobs and I did not want to look a hot mess with missing nails LOL. This set looked great as well and they really did look professional. I wish I would have gotten a good picture but my camera has been acting like a little booger.

My final advice:
Make sure to have a little acetone and a tiny bristled brush readily available to remove any acrylic that many get on the cuticle. This is so important because it can dramatically increase the longevity of the nails. I would really get your own super glue to glue the nails on because the gel glue just didn't seem very strong when used as a nail glue. Also, I would purchase the acrylic brush cleaner that comes in a nail polish bottle so that you can dip the brush in it between each nail. Wiping the excess acrylic off on a paper towel does get excess acrylic powder off but not all of it so it can make your brush hard and the gel clumpy. Overall I would say that this is a great kit for ladies on a budget or when you just don't have time to go to the salon. It does have a great finish when you get used to how it works. Just take your time. Lots of people said that they got the kit at walgreens for $8.99 while others said they paid $15.99. I am guessing maybe they get it during sales time because I got it for $15.99. I don't think I would pay that much for the kit again but I would def purchase multiples of the product if I caught it on sale.

I hope this helped!

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  1. Very detailed and well written post! We've always wondered how these work! Good to know!!!! :)

  2. Yes, taking your time is key!

    Great review.

  3. Excellent post! Very clear and to the point! And I loved that you actually included the "update", unlike most other bloggers/reviewers who say they will update and don't ever do it. I personally, found your blog post by googling " lifting using kiss acrylic nails", as I was interested to see if other people were having any issues with lifting, as I seem to ALWAYS have lifting after just a couple days. I am however, not using the same acrylic kit as you (I'm using the salon acrylic nail kit with - liquid and powder system) Anyways, it was nice to read your post and gave me an idea of how much lifting others/you have been experiencing. So thank you, thank you, thank you! ;)



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