Friday, August 2, 2013

July Ipsy Reveal & Product Reviews

I am running a little late with July's IPSY bag, so here ya go! At first I was all stink face over this months bag because I thought it wasn't as good as the others and I would possibly only use 2 products but I was SO wrong! I LOVE everything in this bag and use them all. So let me tell ya my thoughts on the products:

Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Hairspray - Price unknown 
I have shared with y'all over and over again about how frizzy and awful my hair is so I was excited to give this a try and see if it worked. I received the little trial can and if it was not for the smell and the "dusty" spray that came out then this would be a permanent in my hair care routine. It really did help keep my hair under control in hot and humid weather. I really liked that this did not leave my hair hard, I actually could not feel it in my hair at all.  

Pouty Pop Lip Crayon in Fuchsia Flirt - Set of 6 for $25
This is my absolute favorite in the bag and I use it almost daily. It is really pigmented and stays in place. Above is a picture of my lips with the product on {amazing}. There is actually quite a bit of product in the tube and the texture is pretty good as well. I seriously recommend this lip pencil!

At first I did not care for the colors so I didn't even mess with the palette. Then while doing my makeup one day I decided to give it a try and I actually liked it. I don't think that the San Francisco and Malibu shadows are very pigmented but they are build-able. This sample has 1 color from each of the California Collection Eye Shadow and Blush Palettes. 

COOLA Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer Sample- Price Unknown
This is another product that I didn't think that I would like. I normally don't care for tinted moisturizer because it leaves my skin oily feeling BUT not this product. I have been using this before I apply my primer to moisturize my skin and give it a little glow. It does not have a strong tint to it so it does not leave my face looking orange and since it is a mineral face moisturizer it did not leave a greasy after look. I got 4 uses out of this sample tube and I think I am going to go ahead and buy the full product. It is also made with organic ingredients. 

Demeter Sail Air Fragrance Roll On Fragrance - $8 
This is supposed to smell like the beach and let me tell ya... it does not smell like the fishy, nasty beach smell. It literally smells like heaven on earth lol. I get so many compliments on this scent that I had to buy the spray for summer time. It seriously is heavenly. 

So this months bag was not worth a whole bunch but for $10 I def got my moneys worth and now have some favorite new products. I was so stuck up about this bag at first because I am so used to them sending decent sized products but this has actually turned out to be one of my favorite bags I have gotten. 

If you would like to give IPSY a try, click HERE! I don't think that you will be disappointed. It is $10 a month and worth a penny. Check out April, May, and June's IPSY bags if you would like to see more. I can not wait for Augusts bag. They have started sneak peeks and it looks like a good one, so don't miss out. 

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  1. That lip pencil looks awesome, and I'll definitely need to try the scent. I've been looking for "the one" forever, maybe that's it!

    1. I love the lip pencil. The scent would be perfect for summer time. Have you ever tried Burberry Classic by Burberry? It is the most amazing smell. My boyfriend loves it and it is actually pretty reasonably priced.

      I 100% recommend it. I get SOOO many compliments. I smoke (yuck, I know) and I spray one spray after I get done smoking and people never smell the smoke. They are actually surprised when they find out I smoke because I smell good. You can also get a tiny bottle to try for $4.99 on amazon also.



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