Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sunless Tanning- So Many Choices

Holy Moley it is so difficult to chose a sunless tanner. I recently purchased a tanning membership and I didn't get to use it but a few times. The few times I did go, I didn't care for it at all. Unfortunately I have pale skin and I need some sort of color so that people don't think I am albino. 

Yea folks, its that serious lol. 

The only other option is to mystic tan or use sunless tanners. I am a cheapskate so going to mystic tan every week was crossed off the list, quickly. Honestly it was never an option so I don't know why I just lied and said it was lol. So my only option is sunless tanners. I have used them in the past, years ago, before I started going to the tanning bed but I did not like the results. I have NO interest in looking like a zebra ompa loompa again. After a whole butt load of research it seems that sunless tanners have come a long way since I last used them. BUT there are SO many to choose from! 

The 3 that I have seen mentioned over and over again are Fake Bake's Flawless, Million Dollar Tan, & Sun Goddess. They each have their perks but I just can't decide y'all.

 I am always so nervous buying sunless tanners because I have no idea if I will like it. My biggest fear is streaking and unnatural results. They are all pretty close in price range BUT I don't want to get one, hate it, and then it be a waste of money. But if I can find something I love, I will be hooked. 

So help a pale sista out because I need something good!
 Have you tried any of them? How was your experience with the product? What should I get?

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  1. Greetings, fellow pale sista ;-)
    I´ve not tried any of these brands, however I´ve heard a lot of positive stuff about Fake Bake.

    I LOVE St. Tropez. Kinda pricey (at least in Norway), but worth it!
    I usually use the mousse, and apply it with a selftanning mitt, or something.
    It can make my face look dirty, so for my face I go with a spray. I really like Loreal Sublime Bronze or something like that. I also use this on my body for touch up. It works so well and the color is really nice! I could use the spray every day.
    (also just discovered instant wash off spray tan, Soltan I think, Love it!)

    I´ve never done it before, but I would recommend buying a selftan remover as well, because it can be kinda tricky to scrub off once the color is starting to wear off.. not a nice look. I will def buy remover next time.

  2. Oh btw, just a little (obvious) tip!
    Don´t use the instant wash off spray tan on your face if you´re going to, well, let´s say Disneyworld Florida while there´s a tropical storm going on............ hahaha That´s NOT a good look ;)

    1. Thank you for all the awesome tips! I have seen the St. Tropez being mentioned as well. I am def gonna have to try it out. I looked at all of your pictures from your trip and it looked like so much fun (other than the crazy rain storm lol). I have never been to Florida despite always living close.



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