Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Name Change?

I have really been thinking about changing the name of my blog. Ahh I know, some of you cringed because it can be a disaster. My name has always been somewhat hard for people to grasp, seriously. I think that it is simple but, you know, I am biased lol. I can not tell y'all how many times I have been called JUSTIN...it seriously makes me want to karate chop someone in the neck when I hear it. I don't know why I incorporated my name into my blog name (I'm a genius, I guess). Justina Who is unique BUT I don't think it fits my blog anymore. I know a lot of risk comes with a blog name change but I am hoping since I have a small following still, it will not be as noticeable.  

I have been holding off social media as much as possible until I make the blog name decision...so I need to make the choice soon. 
How many of y'all have changed your blog name? Do you have any tips on how to make it a smooth transition?  Readers would a blogger changing the name bother you? 

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    1. if I change it through blogspot will it take me back to 0 GFC followers? When you bought your new domain how did you keep the followers? I am nervous to start managing my own domain. Sorry if these questions are silly..



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