Monday, July 1, 2013

Make Your 4th of July Party POP!

1.) Get Them Excited
Send a fun and festive invite to your guests. Sure a quick text is easy and cheap but there is something about receiving a cute invitation that gets a guest excited. If you want to still save, put those designing skills to work and make a cute e-vite to send to guests. 

2.) Use Those Jars Ladies
We all collect a million jars with the hopes of using them for something one day. Well here is your day. Whether it is apothecary, mason, or a recycled baby food jar, you can find a use for it.

3.) Print It Out
A cheap yet chic way to decorate is to use the internet to find free printouts. You can find them on pinterest, your favorite blog, or google search them..they are available everywhere. Using printable's are such a fast and simple way to spruce up your gathering.

4.) Accessorize 
Don't just leave silverware, straws, ect. on the table. Wrap silverware in a napkin and use those printouts or add straws to a cute jar with ribbon. The possibilities are endless!

5.) Create a Focal Point
Centerpieces are not just for fancy parties anymore. Centerpieces create a focal point for decor and make the table look much more appealing. There are so many fun and creative ways to make centerpieces to fit your party. It doesn't matter if your party is a casual or formal atmosphere, create a focal point. 

6.) Drinking With Flare
Even the smallest of details matter. Sure your regular beverage choices would work but why not make your party POP? That's what you're here for right? Make your drinks fun for everyone of all ages. 

7.) Delicious & Fun
Make those desserts stand out. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

8.) Nailed
You are spending so much time prepping for your guests, why not do something for yourself. Slap your nails with 4th of July love.

9.) Dress For Success
Dress the part. You are party host after all!

10.) Remember 
If you aren't proudly displaying the American Flag already, DO IT! This is why we are celebrating in the first place right? Celebrate our independence and display your American pride. 

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Happy party planning & 4th of July!

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