Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Name Change?

I have really been thinking about changing the name of my blog. Ahh I know, some of you cringed because it can be a disaster. My name has always been somewhat hard for people to grasp, seriously. I think that it is simple but, you know, I am biased lol. I can not tell y'all how many times I have been called JUSTIN...it seriously makes me want to karate chop someone in the neck when I hear it. I don't know why I incorporated my name into my blog name (I'm a genius, I guess). Justina Who is unique BUT I don't think it fits my blog anymore. I know a lot of risk comes with a blog name change but I am hoping since I have a small following still, it will not be as noticeable.  

I have been holding off social media as much as possible until I make the blog name decision...so I need to make the choice soon. 
How many of y'all have changed your blog name? Do you have any tips on how to make it a smooth transition?  Readers would a blogger changing the name bother you? 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector Review {Before & After}

I am always looking for the next best product to tame my big frizzy/curly hair so when I seen Garnier Fructis's Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm, I had to have it. I came straight home from the store and washed my hair so that I could try this bad boy out. Normally when I blow dry my hair, even with a round brush, it is no where near straight and it is HUGE! With the Dry Perfector Straightening Balm my hair was straighter, with only a little bit of frizz, and a lot smoother looking.

To show y'all just how it works I asked my beautiful mom to be my demo model. I wanted to demonstrate the product on her because her hair is very thick,coarse, curly, and normally takes a buttload whole lotta product to get it straight. 

First lets welcome my mama to blogger land... *hand claps*

*as advertised on the bottle*
The Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm has argan oil in it and provides a faster, easier blow dry that stays smooth & shiny longer and provides 3 day frizz resistance.  

First, here is a picture of her hair before we started:

What I used:
Blow dryer
Vented Round Brush
Garnier Fructis Style Blow Dry Perfector
Its a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

First I washed her hair and then applied 'Its a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product' to protect her hair from the heat. Next, I applied a quarter size amount of the Blow Dry Perfector into the palm of my hand, rubbed it around my palms, then combed the product through her hair, with my fingers, from root to end. 
Then I went to work with the blow dryer and round brush and blew the hair out in sections. When the hair was dry, it was bouncy and straight but since she has a natural flip at the bottom of her hair I went ahead and used the straightener (The bottle does recommend to use a straightener to polish off the blow dry). Last, I quickly smoothed the top of the hair and the bottle flip with the straightener and we were done! 

Here's an after shot:
The product did reduce frizz, made it easier to blow dry and straighten, and her hair was very smooth. 

Overall, this is a great product. It really does help with the blow out process and straightening is so much easier. I did not find that the product provided 3 days of frizz resistance and neither did my mom. I talked to her today and asked if her was resisting the frizz and her exact response was, "Naw its getting puffy again". 

I would rate the Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector a 4 out of 5. It works and helps shorten the process of blow outs and straightening but it does not fight frizz for days like it claims and it does not keep the sleek and shine look. I will still use this and I will buy it again but if you are looking for something to last 2 or 3 days then this is not the product for you. I only keep my hairstyles for one day so this is perfect for me. 

 *I bought this product myself and was NOT paid to write this review. All opinions are honest and mine.*

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I have really been missing my brother lately so this throwback Thursday is for him.

Christmas 2010  

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Current DIY Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of the DIY project that I am working on right now. I am so excited and I can not wait to show y'all when it is all done. This is by far the biggest DIY project we have taken on so far because it weighs so stinkin much and it has so many tiny parts. 

(excuse the crappy camera phone picture)

So be watching for the final reveal...it's coming soon!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Makeup Confessionals

I love makeup, always have, always will. I have been obsessed since I was about 11 and got in trouble so many times for sneaking and wearing it when I was young.I know, I'm such a rebel LOL. I wore makeup everyday religiously for years and refused to ever leave the house without it. I was so self conscious with a bare face... I felt "ugly". How silly is that? 

This "ugly" feeling had to go. It is ridiculous to let something like makeup control the way I felt about myself.
When I got laid off from my job and moved to Kentucky I vowed that I would go 1 year without makeup. I did not know anyone but family where we were moving to and I wasn't working so I thought this would be the perfect time to kick this image issue in the butt. 

I'm not going to lie, it sucked big time and I felt so weird and out of place at first. I have lots of pink under tones, little red veins, and uneven skin tone so I felt like a friggin weirdo when I went in public. When I first started going into public bare faced I felt like everyone was staring at me...how conceited is that? LOL I was the only one who knew I was going without makeup so to think that everyone knew this and was thinking, how hideous, was ridiculous. 

Over time it became easier and easier and going out in public without makeup on became no big deal. My little bit of acne cleared up and it was so nice to give my skin a break. I am so lucky to have a man that loves me for me because he loved that I was going bare face all the time. He says it was because I am beautiful but I am still convinced it was because he no longer had to wait, for what he says is hours (so dramatic lol), to get ready.

I did it! I actually went over a year without makeup and I became comfortable in my own skin. I don't let something like makeup define who I am and how I feel. It is truly liberating. I LOVE makeup and everything about it so I have been wearing it again for the last 2 months. I don't have to wear it everyday and if I want to run to the gas station real fast, I don't have to throw makeup on to go. 

I have been replacing almost all of my makeup though (which has been so fun) because either it is now old or it got ruined from being in the garage all winter. It is so expensive and adds up quickly but I could never fully give up on makeup for good. What I got out of this experience: makeup is wonderful and can make me feel gorgeous and "put together" but there is no greater feeling than genuine confidence in myself.

Have you ever went on a makeup strike and went bare? Would you ever even consider it? Let me know what you think...and tell me what some of your favorite have-to-have products are so I can check them out. 

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Summer Fun

Yeahhh... don't mind my big ass in the front part of this picture LOL.

I grew up down south and during the hot muggy months we would do anything to cool off.
Some of my FAVORITE memories growing up were the many MANY times we would wet the trampoline, squirt dish soap on it, and jump. It was so fun and we always laughed so hard the entire time. It was literally something everyone in the family did. Seriously though, how could you resist? The best part, when we were done us kids would compare our awesome "rug burn" type burns we got in the process LOL...

What's your favorite childhood memory? What fun crazy things did you do to stay cool in the summer?

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Snails..A New Skin Care Fad

Would you consider this method to get amazing skin? I don't know if I could do it. I think the slime would freak me out. Asian women do have gorgeous skin though..so maybe we should take note. 

What are your thoughts? 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Social Link Up

Sunday Social

1. What is your all-time favorite song?
Lee Ann Womack- I Hope You Dance. This song has a special meaning to me that will always make it my favorite song. 

2. Who is your favorite singer/band?
I have a few favorites. Ellie Goulding, The Beatles, Metalica, and Sugarland.

3. What song reminds you of your childhood?
Ace of Base- The Sign. My mom listened to this song and I always got so excited when it came on the radio. I still get excited to this day lol. 

4. What songs put you in a good mood?
Lady Gaga's Just Dance always makes me dance and feel better.
Elton John - Your Song can make everything better!  

5. What is your music to rock out to in your car?
I will flip between a variety of stations and CDs depending on how I am feeling. It could be rap, pop, country, oldies, rock, heavy metal. LOL it seriously could be anything when you are in the car with me.

6. What is the most embarrassing album or song you own?
*Uhmmm*..Yeaahh. Pretty self explanatory LOL

I love music so this was so fun! Have a wonderful week y'all!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{ Tag } Would You Rather?

I was browsing around Ashley Elizabeth's Beauty Blog and I seen her fun TAG post and I just had to do it. 
So here goes...

Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lip glosses or lose all of your palettes and eye shadows?
I would have to choose palettes and eye shadows. I don't feel complete without eye liner and mascara because my waterline has a pinkish tint to it and really you could improvise and use lipstick as a blush if necessary.

Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
Never be able to cut it again. My hair only grows to around the bottom of my butt and then tends to not get much longer and I could handle that. 

Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
Strangely I have never tried a coral blush and now I am going to have to go get one. With that said I would have to say pink because I know it works for me. 

If you had $1000 to spend, Would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
As much as I LOVE makeup, I would never need that much makeup at one time. So spending the $1000 on clothes would be a more functional choice for me. 

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
Lipstick as eyeliner for sure.

Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?
I love Sephora and they have so many more options. I literally spend hours on their site looking around when I make purchases. 

Would you rather only use one eye shadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?
I like lip color but it is not an everyday essential for me so I would choose one lip color for life. 

Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
Winter clothes in summer. It would be hot but I can not stand the cold bundled up..I can only imagine how much worse it would be with summer clothes on. 

Would you rather dark nails or bright nails all year round?
Bright all the way!

Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?
Lip product

Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?
Messy bun. My head is too big and my hair is too curly/ frizzy for a pony tail. It would be a disaster.

Would your rather never being able to paint your nails again or never use lip gloss?
Never use lip gloss. Again, I am not a huge lip product gal.

Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all? or sharpie them in everyday?
I cringe when I see people with drawn on eye bows that look like it was done with a sharpie but if I had no choice I would be drawing them suckers in too. And when you think about it, sharpie will fade but not be gone completely with a shower so I would only look crazy one day on, one day off LOL.

Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
Nail polish, for sure.

And now you are TAGGED. 
Leave your post link in my comments so I can check out your answers.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Moonwalkin' Through The Weekend

It rained ALL weekend. yuck!
My (not so baby anymore) baby brother and cousin came to spend the weekend with me, which is always fun. I swear my little brother is such a riot and is always doing the most random things. I love it lol. If anyone knows how to make pictures into a fast video, like a GIF, please let me know because I have the most hilarious string of continuous pictures that I took of my brother dancing in the rain and I want to put them into one "video or image (whatever)" to share.

We set fireworks off in the rain for days. It got complicated at times but we pulled through!

My mom showed up with these bad boys. Talk about a blast from the past.

So my brother moon walked his way out to check my mail and spent quite some time bouncing around the house. Notice all the firework paper? Wet remains from the night before. And let me tell ya, that was a blast to clean up *eye roll*.

I have a series of continuous pictures of the whole "rain" dance that are hilarious but until I can get them into one file that will play them fast here's a sneak peak. 

We played SO much Sorry this weekend but who can resist so much fun?

How did you spend your weekend?
Did you have moon shoes when you were younger?

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Happy 4th of July America! 
And to make it a little sweeter....a 4th of July pic from 2010 :)

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Sunless Tanning- So Many Choices

Holy Moley it is so difficult to chose a sunless tanner. I recently purchased a tanning membership and I didn't get to use it but a few times. The few times I did go, I didn't care for it at all. Unfortunately I have pale skin and I need some sort of color so that people don't think I am albino. 

Yea folks, its that serious lol. 

The only other option is to mystic tan or use sunless tanners. I am a cheapskate so going to mystic tan every week was crossed off the list, quickly. Honestly it was never an option so I don't know why I just lied and said it was lol. So my only option is sunless tanners. I have used them in the past, years ago, before I started going to the tanning bed but I did not like the results. I have NO interest in looking like a zebra ompa loompa again. After a whole butt load of research it seems that sunless tanners have come a long way since I last used them. BUT there are SO many to choose from! 

The 3 that I have seen mentioned over and over again are Fake Bake's Flawless, Million Dollar Tan, & Sun Goddess. They each have their perks but I just can't decide y'all.

 I am always so nervous buying sunless tanners because I have no idea if I will like it. My biggest fear is streaking and unnatural results. They are all pretty close in price range BUT I don't want to get one, hate it, and then it be a waste of money. But if I can find something I love, I will be hooked. 

So help a pale sista out because I need something good!
 Have you tried any of them? How was your experience with the product? What should I get?

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Make Your 4th of July Party POP!

1.) Get Them Excited
Send a fun and festive invite to your guests. Sure a quick text is easy and cheap but there is something about receiving a cute invitation that gets a guest excited. If you want to still save, put those designing skills to work and make a cute e-vite to send to guests. 

2.) Use Those Jars Ladies
We all collect a million jars with the hopes of using them for something one day. Well here is your day. Whether it is apothecary, mason, or a recycled baby food jar, you can find a use for it.

3.) Print It Out
A cheap yet chic way to decorate is to use the internet to find free printouts. You can find them on pinterest, your favorite blog, or google search them..they are available everywhere. Using printable's are such a fast and simple way to spruce up your gathering.

4.) Accessorize 
Don't just leave silverware, straws, ect. on the table. Wrap silverware in a napkin and use those printouts or add straws to a cute jar with ribbon. The possibilities are endless!

5.) Create a Focal Point
Centerpieces are not just for fancy parties anymore. Centerpieces create a focal point for decor and make the table look much more appealing. There are so many fun and creative ways to make centerpieces to fit your party. It doesn't matter if your party is a casual or formal atmosphere, create a focal point. 

6.) Drinking With Flare
Even the smallest of details matter. Sure your regular beverage choices would work but why not make your party POP? That's what you're here for right? Make your drinks fun for everyone of all ages. 

7.) Delicious & Fun
Make those desserts stand out. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

8.) Nailed
You are spending so much time prepping for your guests, why not do something for yourself. Slap your nails with 4th of July love.

9.) Dress For Success
Dress the part. You are party host after all!

10.) Remember 
If you aren't proudly displaying the American Flag already, DO IT! This is why we are celebrating in the first place right? Celebrate our independence and display your American pride. 

If you loved this or found it useful...follow me on Pinterest! Let me know in the comments and I will follow you back. 

Happy party planning & 4th of July!

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