Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY Spray Painted Glass Bottles

My whole apartment is white. We aren't allowed to paint so I had to get creative with decorating. I have been wanting to get some curtains up in my kitchen window but honestly I have been slacking on that task. This past weekend as I was looking at Stevens extensive Jim Beam bottle collection in the garage, a pinterest  project clicked in my head.....I'm going to spray paint them for the kitchen window seal. 

When I finally convinced Steven to let me have a few bottles and then pried them out of his death grip, I got to work. 

I used my go to spray paint, Krylon Pumpkin Orange with a top coat of Krylon Clear Coat.
I removed the labels and washed the bottles out.
Then sprayed 2 coats of pumpkin orange on and a top coat of the clear. 
VUALA! All done! Fast, Simple, and they turned out cute. 

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  1. wow, i love it! don't you just love spray paint Justina? it just transforms almost anything!

    thanks for stopping by at my blog Justina and for linking to the Fun Friday Blog Hop, huggies♥

    1. I am obsessed with spray paint! Thank you for checking my blog out!

  2. Love this! I want to start using spray paint to decorate glass, but I'm a bit scare I will doing it wrong! Let's see what I come up with!

    1. I think that glass is actually one of the easiest things to spray paint. If you use a good spray paint that is also for glass (Krylon & Rustoleum) and do even light layers then you wont have runs and should have no problem! Good luck!

  3. Ha! I can see why you commented on my Faux Milk Glass post. :) You really DO love spray paint!

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