Sunday, June 30, 2013

June IPSY Reveal

IPSY has really been impressing me and this month was no different. June's 'On The Wild Side' bag contained:

1.) J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in SCP0106 VOLTA $4.49 
Although I would not use this everyday I think it would be perfect for special events like my sisters MANY formal dances or to boost a fun summer look. A dab goes a LONG way!

2.) NYX Rouge Cream Blusher in Bronze Goddess $6
I am actually using this as a contour shade right now. This is my first cream blush and I am actually liking it. 

3.) Starlooks Lip Pencil in Bare $12

4.) Chella Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace $18
I am head over heals in love with this highlighter and will use it for now on. I am so happy that I received this and this is why I love IPSY. You can use it not only as an eyebrow highlighter but also an under eye brightener, contour pencil, cheek highlighter, corner eye brightener, and I also use it on my eyelids as a base before putting on shadow. Again, I LOVE this and I think this is my favorite thing I have ever gotten from them. 

5.) CAILYN Gel Eye Liner in Iron $21
This is my first gel eyeliner as well and I am pretty happy about it. It goes on smooth and it's waterproof, smudge proof, and lasts 24 hours. Even though the built in brush isn't bad and it gets the job done, I will most likely get my own eyeliner brush. 

I got $61.49 worth of product for $10. If you are interested in joining IPSY's monthly beauty subscription click HERE! I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Do you have any of these products? What are your thoughts? Are you a IPSY member? How did you like this bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Texas Y'all

When we went to Texas we spent most of our time at the hospital but I did manage to get a few pictures of our journey. The people are were so nice there but it was suffocating HOT. I don't know how yall do it. Luckily I had my OSIS+ hair gel to keep my hair under control or it would have been a terrible mess. So, props to you Texas ladies with fabulous hair and make-up. 

-my mom & cousin-

-my little cousin was big foot hunting LOL she was going "whoooooo"-

-My mom and cousins-

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Review

I am finally back y'all! I was away in Texas visiting my papa who is really sick and since I have been home I have been playing catch up with house and school work. I shared my Influenster Spring Voxbox with y'all when I first got it and now that I have used Schwarzkopf's OSIS+ Gelastic Gel for a few weeks I wanted to share my review with you.

The Gelastic Ultra Strong Flex Hold is advertised to provide all day strong hold and definition while leaving hair flexible. It retails for around $18 and even though that may seem high, especially for a cheapie like me, it is well worth the money. A little product goes a long way so it lasts a LONG time!

After showering I ran 2 nickle sized amounts (Do not use too much or it will be too sticky) of the product through my hair and applied a little mouse. Then I just attached my diffuser to my blow drier and dried. It took me about 10 minutes and I was done. 

 I have naturally frizzy, puffy, curly hair and I have always hated using Gel because it made my hair hard and crunchy. This product did not! The curls defined well, the style kept all day (even in the SMOTHERING hot Texas heat), and the product left my curls bouncy and flexible instead of hard and weighed down.

The OSIS+ Gelastic Ultra Strong Flex Hold gets a 100% recommendation to buy from me. 
Here are my results:

I received this product free from Influenster for testing and review purposes but all opinions are mine and honest. 

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Never Ever Ever Link Up

I Never Ever Ever....

-swim in the Kentucky River.This is no joke people..if you ever visit, DONT do it!

-eat cottage cheese.

-wear jeans around the house...I put sweats on as soon as I walk through the door.

-wake right up and do anything. It takes me about 30 minutes to fully wake up and do anything.

-sleep with the tv off. Having sound in the background is a comfort to me.

-leave me doors in my house unlocked. This is a habit of Steven's that I have acquired since we have lived together for a little over 7 years. It could be the middle of the day and we are home, the door is still dead bolt locked. Weird I know, especially since we have a huge German shepherd. Safety first, especially in this day and age.

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What's Your Summer Color?

Ello Loves!
One of my favorite parts of summer is breaking out my colorful nail polish. I have this nail polish addiction and summer is the perfect time to try out all the new colors that I accumulate. Lately I have been obsessed with Julep's "Lauren" from their Classic with a Twist collection. It is the perfect pop of color and I have been getting so many compliments on my nails.

I always use the same products but switch out the color.  I swear by nail-aid 3minute artificial. I have no idea how I went so long without it. It gives my nails the "professional" look. Seriously I will never pay for a mani again. I love Juleps Cutical Oil (it's amazing) and top coat.

So, what's your go to summer mani color? 

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Newsboy Cap from Pick Your Plum

Look how adorable today's Pick Your Plum deal is.

I have told you guys before how much I love this site and they never disappoint when it comes to getting a good deal. This hat is only $6.99 AND free shipping for U.S. residents! That's awesome. 
If you want this deal, follow THIS link.

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Throwback Thursday

My sister Autumn and I. 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Liebster Award

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Sherry at Sexy Heffer for nominating me for a Liebster. They are always a fun way to get to know more about bloggers and to bring recognition to bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

Here are the rules:
1.) Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.
2.) Tell 11 facts about yourself.
3.) Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger created.
4.) List 11 blogs with less than 200 followers that you think deserve recognition.
5.) Post 11 questions for them to answer.
6.) Let your nominees know they received the Liebster from you.
7.) No tag backs!

My Questions From Sherry:

1.) What is your ultimate weight loss goal? To go back to my normal weight of 120 pounds
2.)What makes this time, trying to lose weight, different from all the rest? I have recently discovered that I may have a hormone imbalance which could explain my sudden weight problems the last few years and the reason why I can loose a bunch of weight, and then unexpectedly gain it back plus some. 
3.)What is the best advice that you have learned and would give to someone just starting out? Do it to get healthy and try to stay away from the scale other than once a week or once every two weeks. You will discourage yourself if you weigh in everyday.
4.)Do you take progress photos? NO WAY!
5.)Who inspires you to be your best? My family
6.)What have you learned about yourself throughout this journey? I get frustrated easily and I am the most impatient person EVER! 
7.)What can you do now that you couldn't do before losing weight? Running!
8.)What do you look forward to doing when you reach your goal? Buying new clothes.
9.)What is your favorite workout? UGH...NONE!
10.)What is your favorite healthy food? Brussels Sprouts & Broccoli 
11.)How do you feel about yourself since you started losing weight? Prettier

11 Random Facts About Myself:

1.) I'm a perfectionist.
2.) I will spray paint almost anything LOL
3.) I was embarassed to show my blog to people I knew and have just recently started to share it with them.
4.) I always prepare for the worst (anxiety queen right here)
5.) My dream is to own my own beauty salon.
6.) I'm addicted to Netflix.
7.) My hair is getting more curly & out of control the older I get....ANNOYING!
8.) My middle name is the same as my moms and when I have a daughter her middle name will be Marie also.
9.) I am a photography lover. Everything about it intrigues me.
10.) I'm currently in an accelerated college program where I complete my degree in 1 year instead of 2. It's double the work but it will be worth it when I graduate in February 2014.
11.) I never lost my baby "eye teeth". I had to have them pulled when I was 19 because they wouldn't come out and they were stopping my adult teeth from coming in. BTW I still haven't gotten the adult teeth in and im 25 LOL.

Bloggers I Nominate:
Kitty at Kit Von D
Bekah at re solve
Brittany at Happy Is A Choice
Samantha & Ashley at Samantha Ashley
Jessie at Then I Laughed
Anastasia at Glamorable

My Questions For You:

1.) What is your dream occupation?
2.) What's your favorite part about blogging?
3.) Do you share your blog with your friends and family?
4.) When is the most productive time in your day?
5.) Do you think Liebsters are productive?
6.) If you had to choose one: would you give up your blog or coffee for a week?
7.) What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?
8.) Are you planning a summer vacation? If so, where?
9.) Do you own a home phone? Or am I the only one in the world left with one? 
10.) Do you tan in a tanning bed, outside in the sun, or always apply sunblock and go all natural?
11.) What is your favorite childhood toy?

WHEWWW! Holy cow that seemed like it took forever LOL. Again, thank you Sherry and I hope you enjoy nominees :) 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Google+ Newbie Questions

So recently I have been revamping my blog, networking more, discussing affiliate programs, ect. and everywhere I turned I kept hearing about Google+ being a great networking tool. I steered clear of Google+ only because I would never use it for personal reasons, but i bit the bullet and joined for my blog. Now I have no idea what in the hell I am doing. LOL So I beg all of you Google+ veterans out there to please offer a little advice. Of course my account with Google is linked so I was automatically given a user account so I thought I would create a page for my blog {just like Facebook does}. My questions is, is the extra page necessary? I am only going to use Google+ for blogging so should I just use my original account with my name and just have my blog linked? Is this how you do it? Or did you also create a page specifically for your blog? My problem was people were adding me on my regular account but not my blog account, so I'm not sure the extra page for my blog is helping. Next question....How in the heck are you meeting people on there? LOL I think maybe because it's new to me I am feeling like a chicken with my head cut off , at least I am hoping that's the reason, either way I have to learn to operate this foreign site. Do you have any other tips that will be helpful? 

My Google+ account is here and the blog page that I created  is here.

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DIY Spray Painted Glass Bottles

My whole apartment is white. We aren't allowed to paint so I had to get creative with decorating. I have been wanting to get some curtains up in my kitchen window but honestly I have been slacking on that task. This past weekend as I was looking at Stevens extensive Jim Beam bottle collection in the garage, a pinterest  project clicked in my head.....I'm going to spray paint them for the kitchen window seal. 

When I finally convinced Steven to let me have a few bottles and then pried them out of his death grip, I got to work. 

I used my go to spray paint, Krylon Pumpkin Orange with a top coat of Krylon Clear Coat.
I removed the labels and washed the bottles out.
Then sprayed 2 coats of pumpkin orange on and a top coat of the clear. 
VUALA! All done! Fast, Simple, and they turned out cute. 

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