Saturday, May 25, 2013

Living in a Birds Paradise

About two months ago we started hearing something in our ceiling between the main floor of our house and the top floor. At first we thought it was a big rodent by the sound because it was SO loud. Then we discovered it was a bird, LOTS of birds. We kept getting them out and then all of a sudden, it was quiet. We thought it was over. Next thing I know it is early morning and the normal beautiful morning tweets of birds singing turned into a whole lot of awful screeching from baby birds. I have to tell you guys, it was awful. We might as well had a baby of our own because we were never able to sleep. Up at all times of the night and early morning to baby bird crying....oh the agony! Finally after a month and a half of baby bird cries, it stopped and before we knew it a week went by and we were finally able to get some sleep. 

This joy was short lived. We cooked out on our grill and then a few days later we went out to start the grill and I noticed there were twigs all over over the outside but when we opened the lid, I freaked. It was full of sticks...what the heck?

 I had never seen anything like it. We look inside the sticks and there are little robin eggs inside. 

I thought...awww! Then I was quickly reminded....OMG it is summer time and we wont be able to use our grill for at least another month. Yikes! We love to grill out and Steven was instantly pissed. lol.  My next thought was, why in the heck did the bird need THAT MANY sticks for those little eggs. I mean the whole grill is full. 

I have no idea why these birds hate us so much and keep deciding to have babies here. I love my home so I can understand the appeal lol but if they keep it up I am going to have to start charging them rent. 

Have you experienced this before? 

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  1. That happened to my parents' bbq, buy there were no eggs!



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