Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Matilda

Unfortunately, early this morning our family dog Matilda passed away. I always show pictures of my fur baby Smokey but I also have a fur sister named Matilda that has been our family pet for almost 12 years. She was the kindest little sweetheart ever but she never let anyone or anything mess with her family. Thinking over the years how much impact she has had on not only our life but our friends and family as well, is amazing. Everyone loved her and she loved them. Smokey is so lost right now. She was his first and only doggie crush, she taught him how to fluff a blanket to get it just right for a nap, how to tap his feet to get what he wanted right then, and he genuinely loved her. 

Yesterday, I went to moms and spent the afternoon and evening taking practice pictures and Matilda hung out with me the whole time. She refused to let me get shots of her at first but then at the end she gave in and let me get a few good ones. I am so glad that I got in a good hang out 'sesh' with her and she let me get happy pictures of her. I was going to post a few projects that I have been working on today but instead I am going to share pictures of one of my favorite girls, Tilda-poo.

We are going to miss her so much and I am so happy that I got to spend so many years with her.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss! Our dogs are our babies and I can't imagine losing one of them, although I realize it will happen some day.

    At least you have good memories of her, and it's clear you loved her very much. I'm so sorry.

    FYI: I'm visiting from the Chits and Giggles blog hop.



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