Friday, April 19, 2013

Ipsy { April Reveal }

I patiently waited and I finally got off the Ipsy wait list in time to get Aprils bag. I love beauty subscription services and have developed a little addiction to them. Ipsy is only $10 per month and you receive a glam bag with deluxe and full size samples.

How can you say no, right?

Every month has a different theme and April's theme is 'Pretty in Pink'. Even though I was excited about my first bag, I was also nervous because the only reason I got off the wait list is because of all the cancellations after March's bag. The shipping was surprisingly fast and I loved the packaging. There is nothing like opening your mailbox and there being a hot pink surprise package inside. 

April 'Pretty in Pink' Ipsy Bag:

{You see that hot pink package? Yea, how can you not be excited seeing that in your mailbox}

-Little white glam bag that I love. It is sturdy and the perfect size to throw in my purse.
-Sexy Hair Soy Renewal {which is fantastic, it took the frizz right out of my hair}
-Two Cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in 'Heartache' $5.75
-Be a Bombshell Blush in 'Sweet Cheeks' $16
-Sation Nail Lacquer in 'Love at First Byte' $3.50

The blush is absolutely gorgeous and I use it everyday. It replaced my old blush and I think I will stick with this brand and color. The Sation polish is very light and I had to put on 3 coats to get a solid color but it is pretty.

I had to put the eye shadow on multiple times in order for it to show up. I will use it in the future but next time I will use it as a build with other shadows. 

That's a total of $25.25 for those 3 products! I say it is well worth the $10 I spent, especially since I will get use every single item I received.  I can not wait to see what is in May's bag. If you want to know more about Ipsy, here is their About Ipsy Page.

P.S.- I can not wait to get my new Canon Rebel t3i on Monday, these pictures are awful.

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  1. I love my Ipsy bag, it is my highlight of the month! Sad, I know!

    Here from the blog hop.

    1. Lol, getting my subscriptions is my highlight too! I stalk the mailman everytime. haha Thank you for coming by.



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