Monday, March 4, 2013

Obsessed Finds

Normally on Monday I will post things that I came across on Pinterest that I am obsessed with. Well this week I am going to mix it up a bit. Everyday I wake up, do my daily cleaning, and before starting my homework I check out my favorite websites. Its a daily routine for me and I have a few of my FAVORITE sites that I check out religiously. And the other day it hit me, why not share a few of the sites that I love with you guys. So that's just what I am going to do!

Hunt4Freebies is the first site that I check and the one that I check throughout the day. It is amazing. I don't like to scour the net for sample or freebies but when I came across this site I couldn't resist. It lists samples and freebies that are available everyday, throughout the day. You choose what you want and the best part, its not full of spam or one of those fill out this deal and that deal to get to the actual item site. Its direct and to the point and I have gotten some really nice things because of this site. It has ebooks, free things for the kids to do at local stores like Lowes & Home Depot, beauty items, health samples, and a whole lot more. I really think you guys would like it. I'm not someone who signs up to get everything, only things I would really like to try, and I still get a lot of items. 

Pick Your Plum is an awesome site for crafts, project items, and just some really cute things. They offer items for a huge discount (and yes are very cheap). I absolutely love this site and I have already ordered a few times from it. They normally offer one item a day for a discounted price and it changes daily. But sometimes they will offer a few different items, like today. This is such a cute site and I love everything that they post. I was reading a blog a long time ago and they had mentioned this site and since then I have been hooked. I really wish I could remember which blog, so I can give credit, but it was so long ago and I never thought I would be sharing it on my blog but turns out I love it & I think you will too!

GroopDealz is another cute site that sells items at a huge discounted price. This site has lots of offers available everyday and they sell everything from home decor, craft items, clothes, and shoes. Everything is so cute and are things that are "in" right now. I love this site! I'm telling you guys, its got some great bargains on some super cute things.

Those are the sites that check out religiously and always buy from. Check them out and let me know what you think. Are you as in love with them now as I am? 

Happy Monday Everyone!

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