Tuesday, March 19, 2013

February Beauty Army Box

Happy Tuesday! The weekend will be here before you know it.
Like Julep {Original Post} I am also a member of the Beauty Army monthly subscription service. Beauty Army is a sample service where you pay $12 per month and receive 6 samples. 

You take a beauty profile quiz and you will be offered the choice to pick 6 samples out of the 9 offered. If you don't like the choices available you can take the quiz again and get a different selection. If you have a month that you can not afford or you just don't like the samples offered, you can skip that month. 

So here's my February box (I know I am super late):

This is the greeting card that will come in each box. I love the sturdy box that it comes in because I use them for storing items in my craft room.

These are the samples that I chose. With Beauty Army it all depends on what you pick on whether you will get a full size product, deluxe sample, or a tiny one. 

I of course tried most of them already.
I love the Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste. It doesn't leave the hair greasy or heavy. Its really a great product.
I really didn't care for the Nelson Argon Oil. It took forever to rinse out of my hair and I kept finding the little beads on my scalp. But it did leave my hair smelling good. 

If you are interested in getting a Beauty Army subscription CLICK HERE! It really is a nice program and I would recommend doing a Google image search of their monthly boxes and you get a better idea of what they normally look like. This box is a little on the small side compared to others. 

If you are already getting a Beauty Army box, what do you think? Do you like it as well? Is it worth the money? I personally love it because I get the chance to try new products to see if I like them before buying and I LOVE the excitement of knowing I will get this awesome little box every month.


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