Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wreaths Anyone?

So who doesn't love a cute wreath? I know this girl does! I am obsessed with having a wreath on my door for every holiday and season. I think that wreaths make your home so much more welcoming and not to mention gives your house some extra street appeal. I was looking through my My Pinterest today to see if I could find a cute DIY Summer Wreath. I went into this with an idea of what I wanted to use. I have this very UgLy peacock {yes, I did just say peacock} feather wreath I found somewhere that has a great branch base to it that I knew I could one day use. Well, I think you all know how this goes...I got on Pinterest and found tons of great ideas and now I cant decide.....OYE!

Here are some the awesome wreaths that I am thinking about. Of course I will make some changes but these are great for general inspiration.

I love how simple yet cute this one is. I would use a round base though and add a few small flowers to the other side of the flower arrangement.

This is so adorable and cheap to make. Great for spring!

I love this but would use brighter flowers and would paint the wreath to make it more summery (is summery even a word? Oh well, sounds good)

This is a great alternative to the traditional wreath. This would look great on my back door!

I adore everything about this one except the little letter in there. I think the numbers would be good for me. I think this would also look amazing with the twig wreath painted white.

I would probably use a regular letter but I like this look as well.

 photo 388cc48f-4421-4bce-b70e-91cd7dc0b887_zps9c1342ed.jpg
The blue is amazing but unfortunately wont go with my front door color so I would have to go with another color and I would use actual flowers. 

And who could forget 4th of July! I Love Love Love this one! There is nothing better than a themed holiday wreath. 

Let me know what you guys think!

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