Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Miss Jessie's

About a month ago I received 2 samples from Miss Jessie's. I just got around to trying one of the samples called Pillow Soft Curls. I have curly hair and if I don't style it before it dries it can get huge and out of control. First off, I was very happy with the size of the sample. I normally like to use a sample a couple of times to get the real effect because you can't really know with one use. For the Pillow Soft Curls product you apply the product after you washed and conditioned your hair. In damp hair you apply the product from your roots to the ends and then style like normal. The smell of this product is AMAZING! Even my boyfriend smelled it in the living room and mentioned it. Even with my hair still wet I could see nice curls forming. I used a curl diffuser and the ringlets came out so gorgeous. The great smell lasted all day and my hair was so soft as if I didn't have any product in it at all. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has stubborn curly hair and want to use less products. 

These are both of the packages that I received. You can tell home much bigger the Pillow Soft Curls sample is. I will let you guys know when I try the Super Sweetback Treatment.

If anyone would also like to try it before buying it you can go to Miss Jessie's and get 2 samples from them as well :) 

{ Please excuse the crappy pics I will have a new camera in a few weeks--YAYYY!}

I was not paid or asked to give my opinion on the product. I love products and when I come across a good one I like to share it!

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