Thursday, February 28, 2013

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

Let me just tell you guys, this product is amazing. I was sent Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil from Bzz Agent. Its a lightweight spritzer oil that you can use on your hair, skin, AND face. It combines three weightless and nutritive fruit oils- olive, avocado, and shae. Its the first of its kind that is available for an affordable price and available at your local mass chain stores like Wal-Mart. The price runs at about $5.99.

So what did I think of the product & what were my results?
One word.....Amazing!!
You can use this on damp or dry hair (which I love) and all it took for me is one spritz. I have VERY thick hair and for me to only need one spritz of a product was a big plus. Now I will say this, I noticed that some people were saying that their hair was greasy from this and I think they may have used too much. I was very suprised that it only took one spritz and I sprayed it on my hand first and then lightly ran it through my hair. I then styled it like normal and I was very pleased. My hair is normally frizzy and after I styled my hair with the Triple Nutrition Oil I had NO frizz. So *check* from me in the hair department. 
When it came to using it as a skin moisturizer I was even more pleased. I sprayed it on my elbows and feet and it was awesome. I was afraid before I used it that it would leave my skin oily but it was actually the opposite. It rubbed in so smoothly and did not leave an oily feeling. I couldn't believe it, such nice results. I did not use this on my face because I naturally have oily skin on my face so I didn't want to cause a breakout so I couldn't let you know about that. So *check* for skin also!

Let me tell you something ladies, this will save you money and time. I really like this product and plan to continue to use it. 

Here is my hair after a few uses:

 photo IMG_20070107_082210_zpsf102facf.jpg

I received this item from BzzAgent for free to give my honest feedback in return. All opinions are honest and mine. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday --I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late!

I feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland today. I am just LATE LATE LATE. It's totally the end of Wednesday and I still haven't posted Wardrobe Wednesday. But I guess late is better than never right? So lets dive right in....

I love this Dolman Pullover and its only $25!

This is a great look for spring. I am loving mint right now. So fresh!

Isn't this cardigan gorgeous?

Ok that's all for this week. I have so much that I am working on right now. I have been trying to hold off for my new camera that I am getting next week so that I can have some quality pictures but somethings just cant in the next few days I will be posting my thoughts on a few beauty products.
Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Obsessed Finds Monday

So here is a picture, before we start, to let you guys know how today has gone so far lol....

Ok now that I got that out of my system, lets move on to the amazing items I found on Pinterest this week that I absolutely LOVE! There is only a few items this week. It seems like lately there has been lots of the same pins repeating, I don't know, maybe its because I check it everyday? Has anyone been feeling this way also?

How gorgeous is this Diamond Bow Ring? Completely adorable. 

I am love love loving blue's, turquoise, & teals right now so when I seen this I fell in love. And can you believe that it is only $16.99? Crazy shit right! Ruche has some amazing jewelry at some even more amazing prices. I cant wait to order from them!

I told you guys that I was loving blue's right now! It's a Carolina Crossbody Hobo and it has an amazing price as well...only $60.00. 

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous picture of Marilyn Monroe. She is absolutely stunning. 

I hope that everyone has had a better Monday than me, they can be such a little *beeotch* sometimes!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wreaths Anyone?

So who doesn't love a cute wreath? I know this girl does! I am obsessed with having a wreath on my door for every holiday and season. I think that wreaths make your home so much more welcoming and not to mention gives your house some extra street appeal. I was looking through my My Pinterest today to see if I could find a cute DIY Summer Wreath. I went into this with an idea of what I wanted to use. I have this very UgLy peacock {yes, I did just say peacock} feather wreath I found somewhere that has a great branch base to it that I knew I could one day use. Well, I think you all know how this goes...I got on Pinterest and found tons of great ideas and now I cant decide.....OYE!

Here are some the awesome wreaths that I am thinking about. Of course I will make some changes but these are great for general inspiration.

I love how simple yet cute this one is. I would use a round base though and add a few small flowers to the other side of the flower arrangement.

This is so adorable and cheap to make. Great for spring!

I love this but would use brighter flowers and would paint the wreath to make it more summery (is summery even a word? Oh well, sounds good)

This is a great alternative to the traditional wreath. This would look great on my back door!

I adore everything about this one except the little letter in there. I think the numbers would be good for me. I think this would also look amazing with the twig wreath painted white.

I would probably use a regular letter but I like this look as well.

 photo 388cc48f-4421-4bce-b70e-91cd7dc0b887_zps9c1342ed.jpg
The blue is amazing but unfortunately wont go with my front door color so I would have to go with another color and I would use actual flowers. 

And who could forget 4th of July! I Love Love Love this one! There is nothing better than a themed holiday wreath. 

Let me know what you guys think!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Beauty Army Box

I am SOOO stoked that I got my first Beauty Army box in the mail. While I wasn't very happy with the sample sizes this month, I do enjoy being able to pick the products that I like. I LOVE & ADORE trying new products so I can barely wait to get my next months box. I have only tried a few of the products so far so in a few days I will let you guys know what I think of them all. Here is a sneak peek at what I got :)

Miss Jessie's

About a month ago I received 2 samples from Miss Jessie's. I just got around to trying one of the samples called Pillow Soft Curls. I have curly hair and if I don't style it before it dries it can get huge and out of control. First off, I was very happy with the size of the sample. I normally like to use a sample a couple of times to get the real effect because you can't really know with one use. For the Pillow Soft Curls product you apply the product after you washed and conditioned your hair. In damp hair you apply the product from your roots to the ends and then style like normal. The smell of this product is AMAZING! Even my boyfriend smelled it in the living room and mentioned it. Even with my hair still wet I could see nice curls forming. I used a curl diffuser and the ringlets came out so gorgeous. The great smell lasted all day and my hair was so soft as if I didn't have any product in it at all. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has stubborn curly hair and want to use less products. 

These are both of the packages that I received. You can tell home much bigger the Pillow Soft Curls sample is. I will let you guys know when I try the Super Sweetback Treatment.

If anyone would also like to try it before buying it you can go to Miss Jessie's and get 2 samples from them as well :) 

{ Please excuse the crappy pics I will have a new camera in a few weeks--YAYYY!}

I was not paid or asked to give my opinion on the product. I love products and when I come across a good one I like to share it!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is In The Air...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! I love Valentines day and not completely for the presents. I just love that it is a day that is dedicated to each other. The best gift I got today was finding out that Steven actually had a day off for once! I love spending time with him and his days off are few and far between. He also got me my favorite perfume Burberry London (what a great man).
It smells absolutely delicious! I hope that everyone embraces their loved ones and let them know they are special to you whether it be a spouse, children, pets, family, or friends. You don't have to buy anything to share LOVE.

I just thought this was cute :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Oh's Wardrobe Wednesday! One of my favorite times of the week. Like always if you like what you see here make sure to click on the follow button to the right so you can see some amazing outfits every week :) and follow me on Pinterest.

Golden Glitz

Golden Glitz by qtpiekelso featuring gold heels
Hudson Jeans , $155 / Gold heels, $25 / American Apparel

Untitled #50

I am SOOOOO ready for spring to be here!

Monday, February 11, 2013

ACE - My Journey

I am so excited because this weekend I purchased my first bottle of ACE weight loss. I  have done so much research and found that this was the best product for me. This is in NO WAY a sales pitch for anyone to buy it. I don't even know how great it works for me at this point. What I do know is that I hope to document parts of it so that I have something to look back on as time goes by. I hope that with diet, exercise, and ACE I will have my body back in the next year. I don't talk about this often but after I miscarried, we were devastated  So, in turn, I got on the deprovera birth control was a nightmare! I gained around 80 pounds in a matter of 4-5 months. I couldn't believe it and I kept gaining weight until I finally decided to take myself off of it. I have felt awful since then. I have never had a weight problem in my life and had always been able to eat and drink whatever I wanted. The only problem was, the extra weight hasn't gone anywhere. So I hope to check back in after a month of taking all this and see a little bit of change.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

I am a little late today for Wardrobe Wednesday but late is better than never, right? I adore a stunning outfit that you can look professional and stylish in, at the same time. A power suit is a thing of the past and women are able to express their style and still kill it in the business world!  If you like them as much as me, you can click on the link or better yet check out my Clothes Board on Pinterest

                   Orla Kiely Navy and Yellow

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Easiest 'Grab My Button' Site

I have had a button for a little bit now but was completely over the whole enter this here and there to generate a button code tutorials. Here is literally the EASIEST way to create a code box along with your button. Grab My Button Code Generator is so simple. Just fill in the few questions and generate your code. Thats it! 
Here is my Button and the grab box that I just made :)

Justina Who
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Justina Who"><img src="" alt="Justina Who" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

You can see it on the right of my page. It works wonderfully!


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