Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oldies but Goodies

You always hear your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, ect talk about how things just arent as good now as they used to be. I think that everyone has a nostalgic moment every once in awhile. With the holiday season just ending and being amazed at all of the crazy toys that the kids LOVE and requested.....I can now join the "things arent as good now as they used to be" club. I mean seriously a pooping dog toy? I couldnt believe it! Then I started thinking about all the cool toys I had back in the day like the water baby...oh how I loved that little baby. I guarded that baby with my life and if someone even thought of coming within a few feet of my squishy baby doll with a sharp object, death would be upon them :). Then I realized wait that baby pooped and pee'd too.....uhmmm what is our obsession as children to do the tasks that we will later grow to dislike lol. I cant tell you how many times my younger sister and I would get into a fight because we left our tamigotchi in each others care and we let it die. Oh the horror! I would be furious and I have vivid memories of yelling "All you have to do is clean the poop, feed it, and play with it". But yet it didnt seem all that simple. I would stress about if I remembered to feed my tamigotchi pet LOL and it would take so much time just to get it happy. Again another toy where the main goal is to clean its poop. Interesting, isnt it? Then just a short year later (maybe not even that) my sister and I were fighting over what spice girl we were and how the other one was not allowed to be sporty spice or how justin timberlake was going to be my husband and she better not ever think of dating him. HAHA. Listening to the radio for FOREVER just to record a song onto a tape. I am a sucker for older shows also. I currently dont have cable which is a great thing but when I did I watched TBS channel ALL day long everyday. The t.v was never changed from that channel. It played Home Improvement ( Johnathan Taylor THOMAS! --thats how we said it lol), Saved By the Bell, Seinfield, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, and FRIENDS! What happened to tv that now a good sitcom like friends is so over written that it isnt relatable at all. Their hair always has the very best curls and are never out of place....that never used to be the case. Older shows seemed so much more real, even as I watch them now. Dont get me wrong I love a lot of things about todays technology but I seriously think that if you grew up in the late 80's and 90's you experienced the best! I still think AOL messager is way better than Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media site LOL. I dont have children yet but I am kind of scared for what they will actually have to play with. kids these days barely talk to each other any more because of all the technology. So now that I have reminded myself of all the cool things I had at one time and for some reason all the arguments with my sister come to mind lol I think I need to call her and ask her what ever happened to my skirt I let her wear one time :) Just kidding...but really I did just have flash backs about that skirt!

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