Monday, January 14, 2013

Jealous Revenge

I started babysitting and today was the first day. I worked in a daycare for a year and a half in the infant and toddler department. While I was not nervous about my capabilities of taking care of the baby, I was nervous about our fur babies. Yes, we are those crazy animal people that love and treat our pets like they are our children. We have had our dog for 7 years and our cat for 6. Since we don't have children they tend to get treated like it. Which I love. The cat still acts like a little baby which I'm sure is because we had to bottle feed him and we are all he knows. Anyways back on track....we knew they would not hurt the baby BUT we knew they would get jealous of her. She is such a cuddly baby so you cant help but cuddle her. We were more worried about the cat getting jealous especially if Steven held the baby because that is his dad and he even gets worked up if im getting all the attention LOL. We didn't think smokey the dog would have any problems...boy were we wrong! Piper the cat was actually fine, he could have given a crap less. But smokey he was getting so worked up he would just whimper and then he just started peeing on the floor. WHAT THE HECK! He is 7 years old..his pissin days are over. I felt so bad because I know he was just doing it because he seen his mom and dad showing something else attention but at the same time NOOOOOO that's bad lol. So I guess we will see on Wednesday how things will go.
I love him..

They love each other!

Piper loves when I put on makeup

Piper sleeping with dad like always

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