Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crazy Lady On The Loose

Yes, yes...I am that crazy lady today! Wow today has been interesting from literally rolling out of bed to right now. Nothing is making sense, everything is disorganized, and schedules are all out of whack. For me, the over the top OCD chick...all of this is NO GOOD! My gramma used to always say "Hang on to your panties because its going to be a bumpy ride". So today I held onto my panties. I am so ready for what tomorrow has to offer. I think I am going to go goodwilling to see if I can find some goodies. I need just a few more of the perfect pieces for a craft project that I am in the middle of. I am also almost done with the book 'Echoes' which I am so surprised with how much I could relate to this book. How funny that I created this blog to document my life as I am discovering myself and my interests and the first book that I get to review is about the same thing. I cant wait to finish it and write the review. Today was so crazy I even burnt the cookies lol!

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