Saturday, January 5, 2013

8 Years & Counting..

In just a few short days my love and I will have our 8th anniversary  It seems like so much more! I have had the best of times and the worst of times but I can say that I wouldn't change it to be any other way. The things that I learned the most over all these years is tolerance and acceptance. I tend to be so controlling that if something doesn't go my way or doesn't seem like the perfect way to do something, I freak out inside. I know, I know what a brat but Im just being honest! What I love about Steven is he is the exact opposite. While it may drive me crazy at times, I am so glad that he has a mind of his own. Now I will admit I do get a nice little fluffy feeling inside though when he says I was right and he should have taken my advice :) but what woman doesn't. We both understand and love each others messed up sense of humor. Im pretty sure that if a stranger heard some of the things we laugh and joke about they would think we were nut jobs. While it has been a long and at time VERY HARD road I wouldn't have wanted to spend my time with anyone else. He reminds me to be carefree and to remember the joys in life, which is not my strong point. I get so wrapped up in the possibility that I may make a huge mistake that I am VERY cautious when i do anything. We are a great balance. We are two totally different extremes of personality. I never would have thought when I first met him that I would spend my life with him. He is my everything and I am blessed to have such a wonderful loving man in my life.

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