Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What, an actual job?

Today, like everyday, I was looking through the paper and at all of the "employment' section options. Normally its always make money to stay at home, drive a semi here and there, and nurses needed. As I am looking through the all of the non-sense and really it is non-sense and such a let down, I see the holy grail. The holy grail of job openings that meet every want and need. It proudly listed excellent salary, paid holidays, 401k. There is nothing like the feeling of coming across a job opening that I actually want and think I would could actually get. After months of dealing with the state and unemployment the desperateness that consumes you is unexceptionable. Its as if you would literally attack the person next to you if they were looking at the same opening, just so they wouldn't want to apply for it....survival of the fittest? lol. Ok Ok..anyways. I got the excitement and flutter of joy and then BAMM! the "Oh crap I hope that no one else seen this" feeling came upon me. I live in a small town so I think that just explains its self. Why does that have to happen? Why cant their just be a job anymore that you can work at and if you give your all to it they actually keep you until the end of your time? You know like how it used to be when politicians actually knew what the hell they were doing and corporate leaders weren't all driven by greed. So I am going to apply for this job. Hopefully this will be the last resume I have to submit. After applying to job after job after job, I'm exhausted! I'm ready to be a career woman again. To wake up and have a purpose and if I see the perfect heels, I can get them :) Not to mention I would love to not have to screen my phone calls anymore from the bill collectors that call me literally ALL day long. There's nothing worse than having no other calls in a day but from a whole bunch of people who want nothing but money. And I am the type of person who cant stand owing anyone, its embarrassing. I want to pay bills again and love doing it. I am an independent woman so when I have to rely on anyone it really has an effect on me. Yes, I know my boyfriend is a different story and that its our money and our bills but still I don't like knowing that if anything happened, I would be screwed. So lets just hope that I can get back to my black dress pants and high heels because I need my independence back!

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  1. Good luck with the job application! I hope you get it. :)



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