Saturday, April 14, 2012


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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What, an actual job?

Today, like everyday, I was looking through the paper and at all of the "employment' section options. Normally its always make money to stay at home, drive a semi here and there, and nurses needed. As I am looking through the all of the non-sense and really it is non-sense and such a let down, I see the holy grail. The holy grail of job openings that meet every want and need. It proudly listed excellent salary, paid holidays, 401k. There is nothing like the feeling of coming across a job opening that I actually want and think I would could actually get. After months of dealing with the state and unemployment the desperateness that consumes you is unexceptionable. Its as if you would literally attack the person next to you if they were looking at the same opening, just so they wouldn't want to apply for it....survival of the fittest? lol. Ok Ok..anyways. I got the excitement and flutter of joy and then BAMM! the "Oh crap I hope that no one else seen this" feeling came upon me. I live in a small town so I think that just explains its self. Why does that have to happen? Why cant their just be a job anymore that you can work at and if you give your all to it they actually keep you until the end of your time? You know like how it used to be when politicians actually knew what the hell they were doing and corporate leaders weren't all driven by greed. So I am going to apply for this job. Hopefully this will be the last resume I have to submit. After applying to job after job after job, I'm exhausted! I'm ready to be a career woman again. To wake up and have a purpose and if I see the perfect heels, I can get them :) Not to mention I would love to not have to screen my phone calls anymore from the bill collectors that call me literally ALL day long. There's nothing worse than having no other calls in a day but from a whole bunch of people who want nothing but money. And I am the type of person who cant stand owing anyone, its embarrassing. I want to pay bills again and love doing it. I am an independent woman so when I have to rely on anyone it really has an effect on me. Yes, I know my boyfriend is a different story and that its our money and our bills but still I don't like knowing that if anything happened, I would be screwed. So lets just hope that I can get back to my black dress pants and high heels because I need my independence back!

Pinterest Addict

Oh my, Oh my I am HOOKED! Im sure most of you know what Pinterest is but for those of you who dont, check it can thank me later lol :) I am addicted. Its amazing and I love every single thing about it. It has the most amazing DYI ideas, receipts, organization ideas, ect. I cant wait to begin re-decorating EVERYTHING. I am sure that Steven (boyfriend) will have a small hernia since I just got done decorating every room in the house. I love to decorate my house, ironically growing up I wanted to be an interior decorator. And now I have a billion new ideas to organize and make my house look ahh-mazing! I have found a new love and was so excited I had to share. So maybe ill share my new creations as I make them.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Womans best friend <3

I was going through my phone and came across this picture. Lol I love it! Out of all the friends in the world there's only one kind of friend who will never have a judgement of you, never stop being there, and can know everything about you & they will tell absolutly no one...your furry best friend. We have a german shephard/husky and a little ginger cat. With us they are more like our kids. There's no greater feeling than knowing everytime I walk in the front door they will be there to greet me. So everyone meet smokey (dog) and piper :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Blogger?

Can I just say HEELLPPPP! After going through and searching blogs of interest to follow, I am now depressed. HA. I am barely figuring this all out and looking at some of the amazing blogs are making me so jealous. If anyone has any tips or help on how I can add the cool extras, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! :)

The Beginning To The End

Justina Who? Growing up we are always told who we should be, where we will be, and what we should do. Our parents rightfully craft a plan for our life that they expect to be followed. After all we are the apple from their tree, right? The only problem with that for me was, I didn't have a well thought out crafted path. They say that you are a product of your environment and you will be what you are taught. Well I've decided that will not be me. I will be my own product and not a statistic. I came out of high school thinking that I knew who I was and what I wanted, I was wrong. I have changed my major a few times as well as changed job fields. With recently being laid off from a job that I gave a huge part of my life to I am on a new journey to figure out, what in the hell am I here for? When I got the job I dreamed of moving up in the company and it being my career choice. WRONG. I just had my seven year anniversary with my high school sweetheart, and I am hoping that the ring is coming soon! Who knows maybe that's the direction life will go for a bit. What am I destined to be? Not only career wise but as a person. I thought I would share my crazy, out of sorts life and one day maybe I will be able to answer, Justina Who?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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About Me

Growing up we are always asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The answer was usually an astronaut, police officer, fireman, actor/actress, teacher, lawyer, and so on. But what happens when we actually grow up? Usually its not the same "big" dream that we all had as a child. Moving along in the 20's has been quite the journey so far. I'm imperfect, far from a model, in love, and on a quest to figure out exactly who I am destined to be. That is why I ask, Justina Who?

As you can see, my name is Justina and I am currently rockin' my way through my 20's. Justina Who is a lifestyle blog that I started to share my life and everything I love as I am discovering exactly who I am. I am new to the almost housewife game and it has been quite an adjustment going from a full time working professional to a full time college student. I am currently working to achieve my degree in Business and then it is off to cosmetology school to learn the skills and art to all things beauty because my end goal is to own my own salon. I have been with my high school sweetheart for 9 nine years and we have 2 fur babies that I adore. I primarily share beauty, fashion, and DIY posts but honestly who knows what could get thrown in there from time to time...that is real life after all isn't it? 

This is my journey and I am happy to have you along for the ride!


Justina Marie


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